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  • As the OSU community responds to the COVID-19 virus, the Writing Center continues to offer writing and research support remotely over the summer. Writing Consultants are available for Zoom, email, or telephone appointments via the Online Writing Suite and the Graduate Writing Center. We look forward to supporting you and your work online.


Oregon State University is home to people from around the world. To meet the needs of this diverse learning community, the Writing Center specializes in providing support for English Language Learning (ELL) students, staff, and faculty. We invite English language learners to get assistance with their writing projects in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, the Graduate Writing Center, and the Online Writing Suite. For specific help with grammar and other ELL concerns, see the options below. 


Grammar Studio

If international/multilingual students would like additional support on English grammar, they can bring their writing to the Grammar Studio located within the Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio. 

Grammar Studio sessions will address challenging grammatical structures in student writing as identified by both the student and consultant. Through collaborative discussion and useful resources, our aim is to help the student overcome obstacles and successfully apply new skills. Consultations are open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Note that the Grammar Studio focuses explicitly on grammar; other writing concerns are best addressed by visiting the Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio, the Graduate Writing Center, or the Online Writing Suite.


Grammar Studio Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Noon – 2 pm (beginning Week 2)

Located in the Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio


Student Information

For other ELL concerns outside of a writing project, students are welcome to contact Vanessa Petroj, the ELL Coordinator, to request a meeting via email or stop by the Writing Studio.


Faculty and Staff Information

 The ELL Coordinator, Vanessa Petroj, is also available for one-on-one meetings to discuss teaching strategies for supporting ELL / multilingual students.


Contact Information

Vanessa Petroj - ELL Coordinator

2750 C Valley Library