Resources For Faculty

The Oregon State University Writing Center offers several valuable resources for students. We offer assistance with all types of writing, at all stages of the writing process. From incoming first-year students navigating the transition into college writing to experienced writers working on dissertations or novels, the Writing Center is for everyone.

Undergraduate students are invited to the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, a work space where help is available during the writing process from trained peer studio consultants. Graduate students are invited to make appointments in the Graduate Writing Center, where they will consult with trained peer tutors about their writing. All students (Corvallis campus, Cascades campus, and Ecampus) are invited to receive online writing help via email or Zoom via the Online Writing Suite (OWS). Recognizing the diverse learning community at OSU, the Writing Center offers specialized English Language Learning (ELL) support for students, staff, and faculty.

Our Writing Center is based on the beliefs that writing is an ongoing process that does not happen in a vacuum and that feedback and revision are crucial, not just to the development of individual assignments, but also to the development of the writers themselves. The Writing Center helps students learn to navigate the conventions and expectations of academic writing, giving them a chance to discuss and revise their work in a supportive environment. The Writing Center can also help students who are working on longer projects, such as graduate theses/dissertations, honor's theses, international degree theses, McNair Scholar research projects, etc. The Writing Center often establishes long-term relationships with these students and continues to work with them during all phases of their writing processes.

As an instructor, you can require your undergraduate students to visit the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio at least once during the term.  In many ways, this is similar to doing peer review, except that your students meet with trained Studio consultants and have a conversation about their writing. For information about how to incorporate an Undergrad Research & Writing Studio visit into your class, please see below.

Class Presentations

We offer 15-20 minute class presentations introducing what the Writing Center does and why. Presentations can be scheduled at any time during the term.  To schedule a presentation, please contact Dennis Bennett, Writing Center Director, at dennis.bennett at or Vanessa Petroj, Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio Coordinator at vanessa.petroj @

PowerPoint Slides

Drop-in PowerPoint slides, which are designed to provide students with an overview of the services offered by the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, the Graduate Writing Center, and the Online Writing Suite (OWS). Please feel free to use these in your classrooms as desired, and let us know if additional information would be helpful.

Syllabus Blurb

Please feel free to copy-and-paste the paragraph below into your syllabus.

Undergrad Research & Writing Studio: Are you looking for a low-key collaborative place to research, read, and write? Drop in at the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio to grab a table and work at your own pace—no appointments necessary! Studio consultants are on-hand to check in and give support on everything from research papers and lab write-ups to resumes and digital media projects. You’ll receive feedback and step-by-step strategies to help you overcome writer’s block and develop your skills as a writer and a scholar. In addition, we also offer specialized support for English Language Learners through individual consultations with the English Language Learning Coordinator. Come visit the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio in-person on the first floor of Valley Library or online at 

English Language Learning (ELL): If ELL students would like additional, individualized support on English grammar, they can request an appointment with the ELL Coordinator, Vanessa Petroj. Consultations will focus on specific areas of grammar that the student identifies as challenging. The ELL Coordinator is also available to support students in navigating their cultural and academic adjustment at Oregon State University. To schedule an appointment, email the ELL Coordinator at vanessa.petroj at or come to the Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio. 

Required Writing Center Visits

As an instructor, you can require your students to visit the Writing Center at least once during the term. In many ways, this is similar to doing peer review, except that your students meet with trained Studio consultants (who are themselves present or past students) and have a conversation about their writing.

We would be happy to meet with you to talk about how the Writing Center can help your students.  To schedule a meeting or find out more information about the Writing Center, please contact Dennis Bennett, Writing Center Director, at Dennis.Bennett at, Chris Ervin, Writing Center Coordinator of Operations, at chris.ervin at, or Vanessa Petroj, Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio Coordinator at vanessa.petroj at . This meeting gives you a chance to articulate the learning outcomes you have for your assignment, so we can be better prepared to effectively support your students.

We encourage students to visit early in the term. We are busiest during weeks 4, 7, and 10. Visiting early in an assignment process also allows students to brainstorm, outline, or conceptualize their writing on a big-picture level, rather than simply bringing in a draft they believe is already complete. Many of our most productive consultations begin when a student brings in an assignment sheet and announces, "I don't really know where to start."

After their session, your students may request an emailed, secure, virtual 'consultation slip' from their Studio consultant that confirms their time spent in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio. Your students can forward that confirmation to you if their visit was required or if they receive extra credit for coming in.  

Tips for including a Undergrad Research & Writing Studio visit as part of your assignment

  • Encourage your students to visit early in the writing process. This will allow them more time to receive and incorporate comprehensive feedback.
  • Explain to your students what the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio can do for them. Students will be more likely to find their visit beneficial if they understand how the visit fits into the larger goals of the assignment/class. If you would like a Writing Center representative to come in to your class to facilitate or begin that conversation, please do not hesitate to let us know.
  • Encourage your students to play an active role in their Undergrad Research & Writing Studio visit. Visiting the Studio offers them an opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm revisions, and receive feedback from their peers. They will get more out of the experience if they are actively engaged.
  • Emphasize that the Studio is a place for all writers. Rather than being a "fix-it shop" for struggling writers, a Studio session offers a chance for writers at all skill levels to re-view and revise their writing.