Who can use the Online Writing Suite?

The Online Writing Suite serves OSU students, staff, and faculty. This is a free service.

What kinds of writing consultations/feedback do you offer?

We offer Zoom (video) consultations and written feedback.

What can I submit to the Online Writing Suite?

You can submit any kind of writing, as long as it doesn't exceed 25 double-spaced pages (about 6,250 words).


How often can I submit to the Online Writing Suite?

You can submit up to two papers (or two drafts of the same paper) per week.

When will I receive a response to my submission?

You can generally expect to receive a response within one business day (24 hours) of submitting your writing. Response times depend on how busy we are when you submit your writing. We are open Monday through Friday and are closed weekends. Response times for drafts submitted late Friday - Sunday will be adjusted accordingly. 


What kind of feedback should I expect?


We focus our feedback on higher order concerns, or "big picture" elements. These include issues like brainstorming, organization and structure, thesis or focus, audience and purpose, etc.

How can I get the most out of my Online Writing Suite experience?


Submit as early as possible and provide your responder with as much information as you can. This includes details about the assignment itself, as well as your top concerns and questions. It is up to you to tell the responder what kind of feedback will be most helpful to you at this point in your writing process.


What if I have questions about the feedback I receive?


When you receive your feedback, you'll have the name and email address of your responder. You can--and are encouraged to--email them with any follow-up questions you may have.