Introducing… the Undergrad Research and Writing Studio!

The Undergrad Research and Writing Studio is now a place to work, a place where undergraduate students are able to receive writing help from trained peers as they write.

No appointments necessary!

What's different?

  • Write here, not there: Instead of a space where writing is brought, we are now a place where writing occurs. Students are invited to bring their laptops, pencils, audio recorders, paper, notecards… whatever tools they're comfortable with.
  • Our location: We're now located on the main floor of the Valley Library.
  • Get help while you're writing: Rather than work with writers only on what they have already written, our studio consultants now work with writers while they are in the process of writing.
  • Goodbye wait times: Undergraduate writing appointments—and long wait times—are a thing of the past; now writers are welcome to join us whenever they want and stay as long as they like.
  • Digital (email) consultation slips: Instead of half-sheets of colored paper confirming a student's visit, our new check-out process automatically generates a secure digital 'confirmation slip' email for each student that they can forward to faculty.

What's the same?

  • Our fundamental approach: We still meet each writer where they are, support their development as writers, and strive to help them achieve their rhetorical purpose in their writing.
  • Our website: We are still online at
  • When we're open: We are open weekdays, 9 am to 4 pm, from Monday of week two through noon, Wednesday of finals week.
  • Our other offerings: We still offer writing assistance in multiple locations across campus, online via the Online Writing Lab (OWL), and to graduate students by appointment at the Graduate Writing Center (GWC).

Faculty Resources

  • Syllabus blurb: Feel free to copy/paste this blurb about the Undergrad Writing Studio into your syllabus.
  • Class visits: We always love being invited to speak directly to students! Contact Michelle to schedule a visit (541-737-1115 or michelle.marie at
  • PowerPoint slides: If a class visit doesn't fit your needs, please consider sharing our slides with your students.