Status message

The Writing Center continues to offer writing and research support remotely over the summer.

  • The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio is closed this summer and will reopen Week 2 of Fall 2020.
  • Writing and research support is available through the Online Writing Suite Sunday – Friday throughout the summer.

The OSU Libraries and Press received the 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Instruction Section (IS) Innovation Award for its Undergrad Research and Writing Studio. The annual award recognizes a project that demonstrates creative, innovative or unique approaches to information literacy instruction or programming.

Per the American Library Association (ALA) announcement, "The annual award recognizes a project that demonstrates creative, innovative or unique approaches to information literacy instruction or programming ... The Undergrad Research and Writing Studio is focused on hands-on and experiential learning, with help delivered at the point of need. It has allowed librarians at the OSU Libraries and Press to reimagine the traditional one-shot in first-year composition and across the curriculum, while also enriching the learning environment and extending the reach and impact of the university Writing Center."

Photo: Faculty from the URWS and Library (left to right): Jane Nichols, Hannah Rempel, Uta Hussong-Christian, Beth Filar Williams, Chris Ervin, and Dennis Bennett.

 The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio!

The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio is now a place to work, a place where undergraduate students are able to receive writing help from trained peers as they write.

No appointments necessary!

Introducing . . . Collaboratories!

For faculty who want writing and research support for their students during a class meeting when students will be working on writing, research, or team projects, we now offer the Collaboratory visit. Faculty can request a reservation online and hold a class meeting in the Studio. We offer a variety of models for Collaboratory visits, including using the space for peer review, drafting, brainstorming, editing, etc. with or without writing consultant support, to setting aside some of the Collaboratory visit for teaching/lecturing followed by time for writing, with or without consultants. The reservation form provides a space for describing the kind of Collaboratory visit that would work best for the class meeting.

Schedule a Collaboratory visit here!


What's different?

  • Write here, not there: Instead of a space where writing is brought, we are now a place where writing occurs. Students are invited to bring their laptops, pencils, audio recorders, paper, notecards… whatever tools they're comfortable with.
  • Our location: We're now located on the main floor of the Valley Library.
  • When we're open: We are open Monday - Thursday, 12 pm - 8 pm, Friday 12 pm - 5 pm, and Sunday 2 pm - 6 pm from Monday of week two through the Wednesday of finals week. Note that Studio consultants are not available on Thursdays from 4 pm - 5 pm due to our all-staff training hour each week.
  • Get help while you're writing: Rather than work with writers only on what they have already written, our studio consultants now work with writers while they are in the process of writing.
  • Goodbye wait times: Undergraduate writing appointments—and long wait times—are a thing of the past; now writers are welcome to join us whenever they want and stay as long as they like.
  • Digital (email) confirmation: Students can request a secure digital confirmation email that they can forward to faculty.

What's the same?

  • Our fundamental approach: We still meet each writer where they are, support their development as writers, and strive to help them achieve their rhetorical purpose in their writing.
  • Our website: We are still online at
  • Our other offerings: We still offer writing assistance in multiple locations across campus, online via the Online Writing Suite, and to graduate students by appointment at the Graduate Writing Center (GWC).

Who can use the Studio?

  • All undergraduates are invited to use the space to work on research, writing, multimedia projects, or other kinds of work. Students do not have to be working with a consultant when using the Studio.
  • All INTO OSU students are invited to use the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, regardless of which Pathways program (undergraduate or graduate) they are progressing through. When INTO OSU students progress into a graduate program, they can make use of the Graduate Writing Center.
  • Subject-area tutors should not meet with students in the Studio. Instead, they should meet with students in areas designated by their program's tutoring coordinator. Example: Chemistry tutors meet with students in the Mole Hole on the 3rd floor of The Valley Library.
  • Private tutors are welcome to use space in the Learning Commons or elsewhere in The Valley Library building. Space in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, administered jointly by OSU Libraries and the Writing Center, is dedicated to tutoring sessions conducted solely by personnel employed by the Libraries or Writing Center, respectively.

Faculty Resources

  • Syllabus blurb: Feel free to copy/paste this blurb about the Undergrad Writing Studio into your syllabus.
  • Class visits: When your students will be working on writing, research, or team projects during class time, consider holding your class in the Studio where we can make consultants available. To schedule a visit, please complete this form.
  • PowerPoint slides: If a class visit doesn't fit your needs, please consider sharing our slides with your students.