Oregon State University is home to people from around the world. To meet the needs of this diverse learning community, the Writing Center specializes in providing support for English Language Learning (ELL) students, staff, and faculty. We invite English language learners to get assistance with their writing and research projects in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio and the Online Writing Suite. For specific help with questions of grammar, syntax, and usage, you can schedule a 25-minute grammar appointment.  

Grammar Appointments 

If international/multilingual students would like specific support on English grammar, they can schedule a 25-minute grammar appointment here. Grammar appointments are available during Writing Center hours (Pacific Standard Time) although there may not be available times available for grammar consultations during each hour.   

Grammar appointments will address challenging grammatical structures in student writing as identified by both the student and consultant. Through collaborative discussion, pattern identification, and resource review, our aim is to help the student successfully practice grammar skills. Appointments are open to all Oregon State University students. Note: Grammar appointments focus explicitly on grammar; other writing concerns are best addressed by scheduling a 50-minute appointment or by requesting written feedback.  

If you have questions or need help scheduling an appointment, consultants are available via live chat during our regular hours. Look for the blue leaf at the bottom right-hand corner of the website to chat.  

Faculty and Staff Information & Support 

Faculty looking for resources and support for ELL/multilingual students for Winter 2021 can contact Marjorie Coffey ([email protected]) or Chris Ervin ([email protected]