Are you interested in working at the Writing Center? We’re hiring now for positions starting fall term 2024 (with 10 weeks of training in Spring 2024). This is your opportunity to come join an amazing team! Apply via the OSU jobs portal

Writing Consultants provide support through writing and research consultations in-person, through Zoom, and through written feedback provided via email. The Writing Center provides substantial training and mentoring for these positions and encourages applications from students who are interested in learning communication and facilitation skills while helping others.  

Learn more about the position in the FAQs below.

We hire just once a year and now is the chance to apply to work for the Writing Center next year. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023. Questions may be sent to [email protected] .

Consultants work individually with writers to help them develop their writing projects. Writers may bring any type of writing project (resume, scholarship essay, research paper, discussion board post, presentation, email, creative writing, etc.) and can ask for writing support at any point in their writing process (brainstorming, planning, finding sources, revising, etc.).  Consultants engage in conversation: they encourage writers, ask questions, talk about drafts, respond as readers, and help writers think more deeply about their process. These conversations happen in-person in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio in the Valley Library, remotely via Zoom, and in written feedback via email. Because so much of our work relies upon conversation, consultants actively practice communication skills both in training and in ongoing professional development opportunities. Over the course of their shift, consultants work and connect with other consultants on the team, creating a fun and vibrant work environment. 

Position Duties include the following: 

  • Conduct writing and research consultations in person and remotely via Zoom and written feedback via email 
  • Have conversations about writing process
  • Welcome visitors to the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio and initiate conversations with them
  • Attend initial and ongoing training and weekly staff meetings
  • Participate in additional professional development activities
  • Complete Writing Center-related project work  

Student employees may work a maximum of 24 hours per week (20 for international students) across all positions in the university. Typically, consultants work between 10-15 hours per week, but some work more and some less, depending on availability and need. All consultants are trained to provide support through all modalities (in-person, via Zoom, via email). 

Currently, the Writing Center pays $15.15/hour as a starting hourly rate with incremental raises for each year of work. 

Minimum Qualifications:  

Employees at the Writing Center must meet OSU's eligibility requirements listed on the Employment Eligibility Requirements website in an accordion menu. 

In addition, the Writing Center hires applicants who meet these additional required qualifications: 

  • Good academic standing
  • Effective communication skills (ability to listen attentively, ask thoughtful questions)
  • Completion of WR121 or the equivalent prior to the start of training
  • Experience working with people from diverse backgrounds

While not required for employment, the Writing Center may weight the following preferred qualifications in their selection of applicants:

  • Ability to individualize your approach and support to the individual writer’s goals and process
  • Ability to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for the OSU community
  • Experience using, learning, studying or otherwise engaging with multiple languages
  • Past experience using either the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio or Online Writing Support
  • Preference will be given to candidates eligible to work for the 2024-2025 Academic Year and beyond. 

We believe that successful applicants may have a range of backgrounds and experiences. We encourage you to apply, even if you don’t believe you meet every one of our preferred qualifications. 

The OSU Writing Center does its best work when our staff is representative of the many identities within the OSU community. We hire consultants from a variety of majors and with a range of backgrounds and experiences with language and writing. We encourage applications from multilingual and multidialectal students, international students, members of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ+ community members. 

We encourage you to use the Writing Center to experience the process for yourself. You can come into the Studio in the Valley Library (main floor) during our open hours or schedule an appointment with a consultant here:  You're also welcome to stop by to ask quick questions or use the live chat on our website.

We'll also have 2 recruitment open houses in December where you can learn more. The two open houses will take place in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio (Valley Library, main floor) on Tuesday, December 5 from 11 am - noon, and Friday, December 8 from 1 pm - 2 pm. You're welcome to attend during those times and learn more about what it means to be a writing consultants.

One of our goals is to provide mentoring and professional training for OSU students who want to work on a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive team of peer writing consultants. We mentor student staff as they develop skills that can transfer to future contexts and roles. These skills include listening, asking questions, collaboration, critical thinking, empathy, and analysis of writing. We work to create a supportive environment where consultants can develop their skills over time through robust training as well as ongoing professional development  

The Writing Center is committed to supporting student staff in their role as students as well as employees. Each term, the WC Coordinator collects desired hours and availability for scheduling, and we aim to meet those requests as often as possible.   

Here’s what some of our consultants say about why they like the work: 

"I like working as a consultant because everyone here is so friendly! I love spending time with other consultants and getting to know them better, and I also love working with writers that come into the studio and learning about the different projects they're working on." - Current consultant

"It's fun to see the variety of writing that comes into the Center, and it feels nice to be able to help writers improve their skills. Further, my own writing and communication skills have definitely improved during the four years I've worked here, and I've been able to hone my professional skills by attending and presenting in various writing conferences. The Support Staff always keep our (the consultant's) best interests at heart; I genuinely feel that this is the most positive job experience I've ever had, and I encourage everyone to apply!" - Current consultant

To apply, visit the job posting on the OSU jobs portal. Click “Apply for this Job” in the upper right corner of the screen to start your application process. If you don’t have an existing account, you may need to create one.

When you apply you will be asked to submit a resume (no cover letter needed) and a response to the following prompt: 

"In a short response of 250 words or fewer, please share an example of a time when you supported someone as they navigated a learning process. What did you do to support them? How did you individualize your support for their specific needs or context? What did you consider when deciding how to support them? What do you think that person appreciated about how you supported them? (Note: your example can be from any context and does not need to relate to writing, academics, or tutoring)."

If you’d like feedback on your application materials, please feel free to use the Writing Center services! You can stop by the Studio (located on the main floor of the Valley library), schedule a Zoom appointment, or submit your materials for written feedback. More information about accessing these services is available on our website:    

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023. If you have any questions or if you experience any issues submitting an application through the HR employment portal, please send them to [email protected] .