The Oregon State University Online Writing Suite supports all OSU writers by providing written (asynchronous) feedback via email. The goal of an OWS consultation is to provide you with feedback on your writing projects at any stage of your writing process.  

When you submit your writing to the OWS, you will receive feedback from one of our OWS consultants, most of whom also work in the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio in the Valley Library. 

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Students who are accustomed to using the OWS for written feedback are also encouraged to try a Zoom consultation to talk through your writing with a consultant. We offer both 50-minute writing/research consultations and 25-minute grammar consultations. Schedule a Zoom appointment below.

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Because seeing something in action is sometimes better than reading about how it works, we’ve created this brief video that shows you how to use our website to request feedback. In addition, we've answered some FAQs below.

Writing Center overview


Frequently Asked Questions

The Online Writing Suite serves OSU students, staff, and faculty. OSU alumni may request feedback but are limited to two submissions per term during the year following graduation. 

You can submit any kind of writing, as long as it doesn't exceed 25 double-spaced pages (around 6,250 words). Graduate students who are working on dissertations and theses, IRB applications, grant/fellowship applications, and other advanced writing projects will be referred to the Graduate Writing Center for support. 

No, you don’t need to have a complete draft to request written feedback. You can ask for help getting started with an assignment, brainstorming ideas, and planning out your process. Just be sure to upload the writing assignment prompt and describe in detail the kind of assistance you would like from the consultant. If you are primarily wanting help with brainstorming, we encourage you to try out a Zoom appointment so you and the writing consultant can think together in real-time. 

Students, faculty, and staff can request feedback on up to three writing projects (or three drafts of the same project) per week. 

You can generally expect to receive feedback by the end of the next business day after submitting your writing. Students submitting writing after noon PST can expect responses within two business days. Consultations will not be scheduled between Fridays at noon and Sunday morning, or on federal holidays. Students submitting writing between Friday at noon and Sunday morning can expect a response on Sunday or Monday. 

We focus our feedback on higher order concerns, or "big picture" elements. These include issues like brainstorming, organization and structure, thesis or focus, audience and purpose, etc. Writers who want support with grammar, syntax, usage, etc. are encouraged to schedule a 25-minute grammar appointment via Zoom. 

The Online Writing Suite is not an editing or proofreading service. We cannot repair mechanical errors or rewrite your draft. We will not evaluate your writing as "good" or "bad" or predict what grade you will receive. Instead, we will facilitate your thinking around writing elements like audience, purpose, organization, structure, and focus. 

Feedback is sent to the email address you provided in your appointment request. Please always use your Oregon State University ONID email address. 

Submit as early as possible and provide the OWS with as much information as you can. This includes details about the assignment itself, as well as your top concerns and questions. It is up to you to tell the consultant what kind of feedback will be most helpful to you at this point in your writing process. 

When you receive your feedback, you'll have the name and email address of the consultant. You can—and are encouraged to—email them with any follow-up questions you may have. 

All OWS submissions will receive an email confirmation after the feedback has been sent to you. If your instructor requests confirmation that you sought assistance from the OWS, you may forward or capture a screen shot of the confirmation email.