The Undergrad Research & Writing Studio (URWS) or “Studio” provides writers located near the Corvallis campus a makerspace for writing and research. In that space, peer writing consultants are available to support writers as they actively work on their writing and research.   

Writers bring their writing projects to the Studio space located in the southeast corner of the main floor of Valley Library and are invited to work in the space as long as they want to. The Studio is filled with tables and chairs set up as individual or group work spaces as well as materials for brainstorming, whiteboards for individual or group work, large-screen monitors that visitors can use to facilitate group work or practice presentations, and spaces designed for writers who need a break. Student parents are encouraged to bring their young children, as well; we’ve set aside a spot in the Studio where they can spend time while their parents work on their writing.

While in the Studio, writers use flip-cards to indicate if they are working independently or if they would like a consultant to come by to chat with them. When consultants work with writers, they provide support in a number of ways: asking questions to help prompt thinking, listening to a writer talk through their ideas or organization, reading collaboratively through a section, and more. 

The Studio serves OSU students, staff, and faculty. While the space is most easily accessible by students in the Corvallis-campus area, the services and support are open to OSU students, staff, and faculty from all campuses and locations. Graduate students who are looking specifically for help on dissertations and theses, IRB applications, grant/fellowship applications, and other advanced writing projects are encouraged to connect with the Graduate Writing Center for support. 

We support writers with any type of writing project: course papers, scholarship essays, application materials, lab reports, research papers, letters, emails, discussion board posts, personal writing projects – anything! 

No, you don’t need to have a draft at all to come into the Studio. In fact, the Studio is a great place to come to get started on a writing project. Whether it’s a research paper, an essay, a lab report, discussion board, speech or presentation or something else altogether, you can come work in the Studio regardless of where in your process you are. Consultants can help you unpack an assignment, brainstorm ideas, plan out your process, and get started. 

Consultants work with writers individually based on the writer’s goals. Consultants ask questions to help writers think about their work, their goals, and their process. Example conversations include brainstorming a draft, finding research sources, developing an outline or organizational plan, collaboratively reviewing sections for clarity, or looking at sentence level patterns. Consultants help facilitate your thinking around writing elements like audience, purpose, organization, structure, and focus. Some writers arrive at the Studio expecting an editing service, so it’s useful to note that writers play an active role in the conversation, thinking about their work and the direction they want to go.  

Visitors to the Valley Library are asked to follow Oregon State University protocols for health and safety. We ask that visitors to the Studio conduct a health check for symptoms prior to entering the space. As of March 12, 2022, face coverings/masks are optional on OSU's campus. We will have hand sanitizing and surface cleaning supplies available throughout the space. If you have additional questions or would like clarity on these policies, please connect with a staff member at [email protected] .

After your consultation, ask a consultant to complete a consultation confirmation email for you. You'll receive an email confirming that you had a consultation in the Studio, which you can then forward to your instructor or other individual who needs that confirmation. For Zoom and OWS consultations, you'll automatically receive a confirmation of completed consultation email following the appointment.

Zoom appointments

  • Location: A Zoom-appointment takes place using video conferencing software and is therefore accessible from any location with internet access. 
  • Length: Zoom appointments are up to 50 minutes long but may be shorter if the writer feels they have completed their goals. 
  • Focus: Both Zoom and Studio consultations can focus on any types of writing projects and any goals a writer might have. Writers should choose the modality they prefer. 

Studio-based consultation

  • Location: Studio-based consultations take place within the Studio space on the main floor of the Valley Library during the posted hours of operation.  
  • Length: Writers can stay in the Studio as long as they wish working on their writing project. Consultants are available to help during our posted Studio hours.  
  • Focus: Both Zoom and Studio consultations can focus on any types of writing projects and any goals a writer might have. Writers should choose the modality they prefer. 

The OSU Libraries and Press received the 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Instruction Section (IS) Innovation Award for its Undergrad Research and Writing Studio. The annual award recognizes a project that demonstrates creative, innovative or unique approaches to information literacy instruction or programming.