We’re excited to partner with you to support your students’ writing process. Listed below are a few ways that you can share about the Writing Center and encourage your students to visit.


We understand syllabi include many statements and can be an overwhelming amount of information. This statement is intended to encourage students to use resources that can support their coursework.  

Here is some sample language you might use in a syllabus: 

Writing Center 

During times of remote course delivery, the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio and the Online Writing Suite are available remotely to support your research and writing process. Writing consultants help with any kind of writing—everything from research papers to lab write-ups, resumes, and digital media projects. Research consultants are also on hand to support your research process.  

Visit the Writing Center website to 

  • schedule a 50-minute writing and research appointment 
  • schedule a 25-minute grammar appointment 
  • submit your writing for written feedback (allow 48 hours for feedback) 
  • ask quick questions or get help scheduling an appointment through live chat

We’re offering 15-minute remote class presentations introducing Writing Center and how to use it. These presentations can be scheduled at any time during the term. Please complete our virtual tour request form, and we’ll follow up directly with you. 

Our Writing Center Canvas module contains an overview of Writing Center services, a video showing how to schedule an appointment, and information on how to prepare for a successful conversation. You can import the module into your course site by selecting “Canvas Commons” in the global navigation pane, and then searching for “Oregon State University Writing Center.” Results should list the module with author name Marjorie Coffey. Once you import the module, it will appear at the end of your list of modules, and you can drag and drop it to the location that works best on your Canvas course site. This step-by-step guide shows the search and import process.

Please share about Writing Center resources with your students. Sharing a PowerPoint (PPT) slide at the start of class, when talking about writing process, or on a Canvas page or announcement can be a great way to remind students of support resources available to them. Below are PPT slides for Writing Center services:  

General Writing Center Information - all four slides

Undergrad Research & Writing Studio - one slide 

Online Writing Suite (OWS) - one slide

We’re excited to have your students visit the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio and submit their writing to the Online Writing Suite (OWS). We hope your students will visit early and often. 

Prior to requiring a Studio or OWS session for an assignment or extra credit, please reach out to Chris Ervin, Undergrad Research & Writing Studio Coordinator, to set up a meeting. In that meeting, we can talk about the assignment and outcomes. Meeting also allows us to share information about what students experience when they visit and prepare Writing Center consultants to provide support.  

We are able to provide a secure, emailed confirmation slip for students that confirms their Studio or OWS session. Your students can forward the confirmation if their session was required/extra credit.  

If using the Writing Center as part of your assignment, keep these tips and strategies in mind:  

  • Encourage students to visit early in the writing process. This will allow them time to receive and incorporate feedback. 
  • Explain the process and benefits of using the Studio. Students will be more open to using the Studio if they understand how the service fits into the assignment or class goals. If you would like a Writing Center representative to visit your class to introduce the Writing Center, please complete our virtual tour request form.  
  • Encourage your students to play an active role in their Studio session. Visiting the Studio offers an opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm, and receive feedback from peers. Students get the most out of sessions if they visit prepared to engage in conversation and thinking together.  
  • Emphasize that the Studio is a place for all writers. The studio is not a "fix-it shop" for struggling writers. Everyone benefits from feedback on their writing. The studio offers support for all writers, and at any stage in their process.

Writing Across Borders is a 3-year documentary project funded by Oregon State University’s Center for Writing and Learning (now simply known as the Writing Center) and its Writing Intensive Curriculum Program. The documentary's purpose is to help faculty, writing assistants, and other professionals work more productively with international students in writing environments. For more information, visit the "Writing Across Borders" webpage.