Workshops are an opportunity to engage with other students around writing topics. All workshops are 50 minutes long and take place via Zoom. If you're attending a workshop for an assignment, as a requirement, or for extra credit, when registering for the workshop, you can request that an attendance confirmation email be sent to you (or a specific email address) after the workshop. If you have questions about workshops, please email [email protected].

Fall 2023 Workshops

Personal Statements (October 24 and 25, 2023)

Personal statements are an important part of graduate school applications and can often be stressful to draft. Join us as we introduce personal statements, talk through strategies for structure and content, and review a sample statement together. You’ll learn about strategies for drafting your own statement and resources to support your writing process.

The Writing Process & Time Management (November 7 and 8, 2023)

Writing is a process that takes time and energy—things which can be challenging during a busy term. Join us to think through steps of the writing process and discuss approaches to project and time management. Together, we’ll explore strategies and resources to support you in accomplishing your writing goals.